Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Most Expensive Prostitute in The World

Raffella Fico is a 21 year old Italian model hoping to sell her virginity for one million Euros. Yes, that's right. She has publicly declared that she'd have sex for the first time with anyone willing to give her a million bucks for the privilege and pleasure of deflowering her. Maybe she's thinking that since virginity is something you can only lose once, might as well lose it for a big paycheck...
In this world where whores are widely available, and many of them more attractive than Miss Fico, it is funny that she would have the temerity to tag herself at such a price... I can't say I have checked, but I don't think even virgin whores could command such a price...
The thing is, I am pretty sure someone would take her up on her offer. Even if this particular deal doesn't work out, our outrageous world has shown us that it is reasonable to expect a similar deal at other times involving other persons to be successfully transacted.
Now, how do we explain this? How do you price a service which has a going rate of a few thousand bucks at most at $ 1,000,000.00?
It's not like there's a shortage in the supply of prostitutes. Doesn't such an act debunk everything we have ever learnt about the economic theory of demand and supply? Who the hell does she think she is by asking for so much? It's not like you can get cured of cancer if you screw her...

But the theory of demand and supply has proven to be sound in the history of mankind, and we are not about to let this one case throw it out the window. So our job is to explain this seeming insanity within the confines of Economic Theory.
Think about it; under what circumstances would you pay a million bucks for a whore? (Disregard moral issues for the moment and pretend/assume/acknowledge for now that you are a regular hooker connoisseur).
If you were in a back alley, and there were ten hookers all with similar attractiveness and all free of STDs, it is likely that Price would be the deciding factor in your choice of companion for the night. So, under that circumstance, it would be near impossible for any single one of them to ask for more than the going rate, let alone a million bucks.
So, point number one is:- Differentiation. You must not mingle with your competitors. You must stand out. Do not let your product/service appear like a commodity (although it actually is). Make it seem special. Advertise this way; You're not just screwing, you are screwing ME!
The problem with the back alley as a place to do business is this:- Even if the customer is willing to pay more, he won't, because the market price is already set. Even if he comes with a million bucks, the moment he sees everyone selling at a hundred, he will just pay a hundred. Why Pay More?
Point number two is:- Create a new marketing platform. Don't wait for customers by the street like everyone else; go to the media and advertise through them! Which self-respecting newspaper would neglect to publish a story about a million-dollar-virginity-auction? Free Publicity! Be creative!
And now, we come to the third and most important point. HUMANS ARE EGOTISTICAL MANIACS. We pay through our noses for that little bit more prestige, that little bit more status. There may be an ample supply of hookers who can provide physical relief; but hookers who can strengthen your Alpha Male status? Rare...
Imagine this:-
A group of men sit around in a pub, drinking and talking trash. Then someone starts to talk about his experience with hookers, and the conversation veers towards commercial sex. As they speak, the news comes up on TV, and there is a report that a virgin selling her virginity for a million bucks is now no longer a virgin. The deal has been done. And who is the mysterious deflowerer?...
One of the men in the group who has kept quiet all this while slowly stands up. He brushes his fingers through his hair, stubs his cigarette in the ashtray, and coolly walks out of the room, with a twisted smile on his face. The moment he steps out of the room, his face appears on the newscast. Deflowerer revealed. The other guys wonder in awe...
Now, these are the Alpha Male dreams that make possible these outrageous deals. Of course, there are also Alpha Bitch dreams that drive up the prices of Louis Vuitton articles and Gucci pieces...
But the point is, by being a little creative and by playing on the psychology of people, it's always possible to make a little extra money. The whore was going to whore herself anyway; why not get more out of it?...
Release yourself from the notion that the price of something is the going rate in the market place. The market price is just the Minimum Possible Price of an item, when it is stripped of all sexiness and allure.
The true price of something is how much you could get people to pay you for it. And the thing that can add layers of inferred value to something ordinary is Creative Bullshit (CB). Packaging (I'm not just talking about plastic wrappers) can make people feel so good about buying.
There's nothing really out of this world about f***ing an inexperienced Italian model. But put a twist on it, and you get a million bucks.
Everything depends on Sentiment.

Click HERE to learn more about this outrageous girl (maybe you have a million bucks to spare ;)

(DISCLAIMER: The author has no commercial relations to the protagonist of the above article. This piece is meant to be an economics case-study ONLY, and the author shall not be construed as being an agent of the aforementioned sex entrepreneur.)


  1. hmmm~~~
    she has the combination look of Alicia key & a foreign female singer..gosh, i forget her name~

    btw, she's hot!!!

  2. she looks fine... but One Million Bucks?? hmmm...

  3. I'll take three Hasselblad cameras, please.

  4. Yum yum, What an offer!!! I m willing to buy her. But conditions can't go for any medical test, can't use condoms.

  5. if shes a virgin shes not gonna be very good at it

  6. she is not good at having sex, I think!

  7. she'll have more luck finding a boyfriend to get laid from than doing that. nobody will pay a million dollars to fuck anyone. and technically this blog is slightly wrong, she isn't a prostitute she's a model all she's doing is selling off her virginity. anyone who does pay that is a dumb ass.

    1. my bad... a million euros, which would equal 1,255,699 USD. still anyone who pays that is an idiot.


    1. she knows how many zeros in one million?

  9. only if she does anal will i pay that much